"Become The Consistent Golfer 
Your Friends Envy
And Play More Rounds Of Golf 
In The Zone..."

(Guaranteed To Shoot New Lifetime Low Rounds)

On A Mission To Help 100,000 Golfers To 
Shoot Their New Lifetime Low Rounds!

Play Consistent Golf, Shoot New Lifetime Low Rounds, and 
 More Rounds Of Golf "In The Zone!"

Get Direct Answers From World Leading Experts Inside Golf Urgent Care

  • Instead of going on YouTube to get generalized answers, why not get answers from the World's Leading Expert in that area of struggle? 
  • ​Simply choose the struggle you're facing and receive instruction from "The Expert" on that topic! You will learn from Experts like Sean Foley, James Sieckmann, David Orr, Dr. Kwon, Dr. Craig Davies, Dr. Bhrett McCabe, Andrew Rice, Adam Young, Nick Clearwater, Mike Hebron, Adam Bazalgette, Me And My Golf, James Leitz, and numerous others!
  • ​Over 100 individual video lessons to help you quickly get back to playing with the "consistency" that you desire!

Monthly Live Q&A

Join our "Members Only" monthly Live Q&A and get personalized help from Coaches Bo and Shannon plus Special Guests!

This is your chance to ask us your questions and get answers Live! There are no stones unturned in these monthly meetings. The end result, more consistency, new lifetime low rounds, and more rounds "in the zone!"

Personal Swing Review

Send in your video and one of our Certified Coaches will provide feedback to help you improve!

Using an app called CoachNow, all videos and feedback are stored all in one place. No more needing to go track down that email you accidentally deleted as you will be able to see all lessons and feedback all within the app.

The best part is you will walk away with an understanding of the "why, how, and what" of your swing. No more guessing and going down rabbit holes on YouTube to only get worse!

Access To Summits, Courses, and Live Training

You will immediately get access to world class programs such as Consistent Golf Summit and the new Road2TheTour Golf Summit that is set to release in January 2021!

You’ll also get access to other popular courses such as 4 Shots In 1 Week Challenge, In The Zone Mental Challenge, Fix My Inconsistency Course, and numerous others!
You will walk away Tour Proven strategies that will help you play with more consistency, less practice time, and more rounds of golf "in the zone!"

"Members Only" Discounts

Get exclusive VIP discounts on training aids, special products, and clubfitting that we personally recommend to students when you join School Of Lifetime Low Rounds.

Membership has its privileges...

Who Is Bo Watson and Shannon Shuskey?

Why This Isn't Just Some Other Golf Membership Site:

Founded by Bo Watson and Shannon Shuskey, School Of Lifetime Low Rounds is the world's only online interactive library that provides you answers directly from "the Expert" on the struggle you're facing.

After seeing firsthand from students and reading about golfer's horror stories of going down rabbit holes on YouTube only to get worse, Bo thought there had to be a better way for golfers to consume content online.

Rather than just create tips which you can find anywhere, why not get "the Expert" on the particular struggle that a golfer has. As a result, School Of Lifetime Low Rounds was born. 
With this inspiration, the inaugural Consistent Golf Summit was formed which brought together 18 of the World's Top Experts within their niche to help golfers gain a consistent golf game that their friends would envy.

Then Bo and one of the speakers from Consistent Golf Summit Shannon Shuskey, formed a partnership to create In The Zone Mental Training. Shannon who is a National Champion and coach to 142 National Champions, 18 World Team Members, 6 World Champions, and 2 Olympic Medalists broke the code on how to get athletes to "trick their bodies into the zone."

The end result, is we're on a mission is to help 100,000 golfers to shoot their new lifetime low rounds, obtain consistency, and play more rounds of golf "in the zone." If you're ready to be the next, join us on the journey.
But, Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
Check Out What Others Just Like You Are Saying About It! 

Sam Booth - Went From 14.9 Hdcp to 5 Hdcp

LPGA Tour Player Sandra Gal - Made 2 Cuts After Year Off

Lorne Matthews - 79 Years Old And Shot 69!

Here's A Quick Recap Of Everything You'll Be Getting When You Join School Of Lifetime Low Rounds Today!

  • First, you get the Only Online Interactive Library that provides you "the answer" to the struggles you're facing directly from the Expert Specialist on that topic. No more needing to go to YouTube to get generalized answers! ($497 Value)
  • Second, you will get Weekly Live Help from Coaches Bo Watson and Shannon Shuskey PLUS Special Guests during the weekly Live Q&A's. This is your chance to ask us your burning questions Live! ($997 Value)
  • Third, you will get a Personal Swing Review Each Month. Send us your swing and one of our certified Coaches will provide feedback on how to improve. ($1,997 Value)
  • ​Fourth, you get access to Popular Courses such as Consistent Golf Summit, In The Zone Mental Training, 4 Shots In 1 Week Challenge, and Road2TheTour Golf Summit. 
  • ​Fifth, you get Special Discounts to Popular Golf Products, Golf Schools, and Events!
  • ​And Much Much More...
Finally, instead of going to YouTube or other sources to get generalized answers to your golfing issues to only get worse, you will now be able to get "The Answers" directly from "The Experts" on the struggles you're facing!
Have A Question? Here's A Few FAQs We Get:
  • What makes this membership site different than the other ones?
Never has there been a membership platform that has sought out "The Expert" in their niche for various struggles that golfers face until now. Most membership sites usually have a "one man" show and while that is nice, it doesn't provide you the best experience. If you had something wrong medically, are you going to a General Practitioner or a Specialist? Our site is comprised of Specialists.
  • What courses and topics are covered inside the platform?
You'll find popular courses such as Consistent Golf Summit, In The Zone Mental Challenge, 4 Shots In 1 Week Challenge, Road2TheTour Golf Summit, Fix My Inconsistency Course, and more! With over 200 videos covering everything under the sun in regards to golf, you will be well equipped to start playing a consistent golf game that your friends will envy!
  • How does the swing analysis work?
After creating your account, you can then send an email to support@schooloflifetimelowrounds.com with subject line "swing analysis." Then our team will create your CoachNow TrainingSpace where all communication and reviews will be stored in one convenient location. 
  • What if I have already purchased one of the courses previously?
You will always have access to that particular course(s) for lifetime access if you purchased previously. With the membership you will be able to reap the benefits of the revolutionary "Golf Urgent Care" and monthly Live Q&A. You also reap the benefit of getting access to new course releases.
  • If I don't like School Of Lifetime Low Rounds, how do I cancel?
There are no contracts or obligations so you can cancel at anytime. Just simply send an email to support@schooloflifetimelowrounds.com and will cancel immediately. 
  • How does the Monthly Live Q&A Sessions Work?
Each month inside the private Facebook Group coaches Bo and Shannon will host a live interactive training where you get to ask your questions live. This is your chance to get personal help from them and Special Guests. Live Training will take place via Facebook and on Zoom. 
  • If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?
Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just click on the "support" link on the top of any of our pages or email Support@schooloflifetimelowrounds.com
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